We are a SUPER MOM to our Children

I was reading this article where the mother talks about something that a lot of mothers go through.  The aftermath of mommyhood.  The sleepless nights, the hair undone, light make-up, the extra baby weight, the stretch marks….the list could go on and on, but to our children we are the best thing.  We are the super hero Mom. We are their comfort.  We are their strength.  They don’t care about what we look like, or how much weight we gained.  They don’t care if we didn’t put make-up on, or didn’t do our hair.  They only care about being with us.  To them we can do no wrong.

She also brought up another point that we need to be reminded of from time to time, we never can get time back.  Our children will only be that age once.  Time has a way of moving whether we are stopping and smelling the roses or not.  Why not enjoy all the time we can with our children.


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