The Differences between Bright and Gifted

The bright child knows the answer.  The gifted child asks the questions. The bright child is interested.  The gifted child is highly curious. The bright child works hard.  The gifted child plays around, yet tests well. The bright is attentive. The gifted child is mentally and physically involved. The bright child answers the questions.  The gifted child discusses in detail, elaborates. The bright child is … Continue reading The Differences between Bright and Gifted

Promoting Creativity

Children  are natural creative.  They can imagine that there is hot lava on the ground or that all the dolls are really drinking tea.  Creativity is not something that we get to once, it is something that we can come back to many times throughout our life. So what happens when a child has a creative block?  You can use some of these tips to … Continue reading Promoting Creativity

Punishments: What They Really Teach Children

Positive parenting is the belief that a child can be disciplined in a positive encouraging way without punishments.  Punishments, like time-out, spanking,  only show children unnatural consequences to their behavior, it does not tell them why it is wrong, nor does it allow them to figure it out themselves.  Punishments only stop the immediate behavior, they do not teach what behavior you want.  Below are some … Continue reading Punishments: What They Really Teach Children

Toddler Play: Water Table Discussion Questions

A water table is a great sensory tool.  The possibilities are endless for the table.  Here are a few questions that will help expand your childs water table education. What can we do with water? How can we collect water? Does water have a taste?  If so, what do you think causes that? How far can you make the water spray? What happens if you … Continue reading Toddler Play: Water Table Discussion Questions

Positive Parenting Tips

Instead of focusing on what you don’t want your child to do, focus on what you do want them to do.’ Instead of providing a model for an art projects, encourage them to create their own art. Instead of sending children to time out, redirect them with a new activity. Instead of memorization drills, create meaningful learning experiences. Instead of your children competing against each … Continue reading Positive Parenting Tips

The “Do-Get” Theory

Children learn that when the “do” something, they “get” something.  This is the “do-get” theory.  It works both ways.  When they do something well, we praise them, get excited for them.  Hang their art work on the refrigerator.  They learn that by “doing” that particular action or activity, they receive positive reinforcement. It encourages them to continue doing that activity and doing it well. They … Continue reading The “Do-Get” Theory

Encouraging Creativity in Children

There are a lot of parents that feel like the child’s art work needs to fit into a nice little box.  Here are a few types to encourage children to use their creativity. Encourage children to ask question Remember to focus on the process and not the finish product. Allow your child to make decisions when possible. Allow your child to use the materials for … Continue reading Encouraging Creativity in Children

Born to Serve, Not to Shop

The real evil of materialism is not the pursuit or things.  It is, rather, seeing and treating other people as things and therefore putting things ahead of people.  Youngsters with a habit of thinking and acting this way are headed toward trouble later in life: substance abuse, professional problems, marital break-up, a life dominated by impulse and unrestrained egoism.  What can parents do with their young … Continue reading Born to Serve, Not to Shop