There is No Right Answer

As a child I always wanted to be out on my own.  I  wanted to be able to make my own decisions and do what I want.  But as I have gotten older, I’ve learned that being it is harder than it looks! Not for the obvious reasons like paying bills and  working, but for the fact that there is no right answer when making a decision. This is something that I was surprised about.

When you are child, your parents, teachers, mentors, friends and other adult figures guide you towards the right answer in every decision based on what they feel is right for you.  They help you based on their beliefs and morals.  But as an adult you make decisions based on our own beliefs and morals.  Those may be from how you grew up, or a particular situation, or from what you have seen other people go through.  Many people make irrational decisions out of emotions instead of thinking about it.

This is something I have struggled with.  I am a person who likes to have a right and a wrong answer. I have often found myself asking what is the right decision, what am I suppose to do.  I always want to do the right thing.  But, in life there are no right or wrong answers, there are only consequences to the decisions you make.

No one is here to make the decision for us and save us and since we are going to have to live with the consequences of that decision, no one can tell us what is best for  us.  Yes, you can ask friends and family their thoughts, but, ultimately it is your decision and yours alone to make.

So how do I deal with this?  I weigh the pros and cons to each decision  If it is an area that I don’t know much about, I  research.  I pray and meditate on the knowledge that I have.  I make the best decision for my family and me at the time.  I don’t know what the future holds; I can only base my decisions on what I know.  With each passing year, I learn more and more about myself and the good decisions I have made and the bad ones.  The only way I will learn is if I am willing to reflect on all the decisions I have made, both good and bad.  The hope is only to not repeat the bad decisions and to make more of the good decisions.


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