How to Host a Party with Little Money

In these times there are a lot of families on a tighter budget, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t host people over.  Below are a few tips to help save money

  • Plan a menu a few weeks before the party.  Be on the lookout for sales on the items you need.  Be open to changing the menu based off the sales.
  • Set the party for a time in between meals, that way you only have to serve snacks.
  • Dress up a table with a tablecloth and cloth napkins.  Sample fabrics and bandanas make cheap and easy cloth napkins
  • Decorate with fresh flowers and greenery
  • Use your best dishes and utensils.
  • Host a potluck: have everyone bring a dish to share
  • Have the party in a park.  Put together fun outdoor games for all to play
  • Make what you can from scratch
  • For drinks, have water and lemonade or fruit juice


Do you have any other tips for hosting a party with little money?  We would love to hear from you!

Ashley Myers

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