Crunchy Living: Ants and Dogs

In my quest to go non-toxic in my house for cleaning has me searching on the internet for different all natural ways to clean and get rid of unwanted odors or bugs.  Recently, I have had two different situations come up where I was surprised to find that I already owned the solution to the problem…..Vinegar!

Every spring we are flooded with ants in our kitchen.  We aren’t really sure where they come in from, but they last only a couple of weeks and then they are gone.  I hate it and this year I wanted to find a way to get rid of them without buying a toxic ant killer.  Thanks to research and my Facebook friends, I found a few different ideas.  Borax around the base of house to prevent them from coming in.  Cinnamon if you know where they are coming in.  Vinegar around the base of the house.  A mixture of sugar, water and a tbsp of borax in a plastic cup.  The ants will eat it and take it back to their colony and it will kill them all!  I did the borax and vinegar around the house and so far there are a lot less ants coming in.

We are in the processes of taking up our carpet and putting down pergo on our main floors.  Our two dogs have had a few accidents on the carpet downstairs and we wanted to ensure that they don’t still smell their scent on the concrete and go to the bathroom on the new floor.  So I started to research and found that dogs do not like the smell of vinegar.  Vinegar will not only take away the scent, but it will also make it so that the dogs don’t want to go to the bathroom on the floor.  Right before the floor goes down we will wipe the floor down with Vinegar and enjoy our new floor!

Check back next week for other uses of Vinegar!  Do you have a favorite all natural cleaner?  Please Share!

Ashley Myers

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