Heartwarmer: A Mother’s Reflection

The house is a mess, dinner is not even thought about, I am home alone with my 1 year old son and right now I am content with life.  I am 22 weeks pregnant with my second and on modified bedrest, due to complications in my pregnancy.  I am trying to take it easy while also enjoying some quality time with my family before we have the addition in only a few months.  It also makes me reflect on how my life is.  In a few short words my life has changed and will never be the same.  As much as I love my house to be neat and clean, it doesn’t matter so much as it does to see my son sitting “reading” a book on the living room floor.  I think to myself this is what life is all about.  Seeing children grow up and watching all the new experiences through their eyes.

I have always wanted to be a mother.  My mother used to say I was a mother from the time I was three.  Now that I am one, it is nothing and everything I expected.  I didn’t expect to want to experience life all over again, just to see it through my child’s eyes. I didn’t expect that no matter how much I am in pain or sick, I will still run and take care of my child, no matter what.

This pregnancy is a blessing as all babies are, but it has also made me reflect on how hard pregnancy is on a woman’s body.  Women learn to take care of a child from conception and care for them for 9 months before even hearing the first cry.  We love them and will give up all sorts of stuff just to make sure that they are safe inside of us.  If you asked me would I do it again, I only have to take one look at my son and say yes.  I wouldn’t give up being a mother for anything.  I love both my children and would do anything to protect them.

I do not claim to be superwoman, and certainly I am not, but it does make me appreciate what my mother went through growing up and all the difficult choices she had to make to give us the best life we could have.

Ashley Myers written on Jan 20, 2012

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