Baby Sign Language

Sign Language has always been an interest of mine and I knew once I became pregnant that I wanted to teach it to my children.  Sign Language is a great tool for infants and toddlers who do not know how to talk.  This is a way for them to communicate what they want and how they feel.

We stated teaching our son the basics of more, milk, juice at about six month old.  Now he is a year old and he is able to sign “milk” and “more”.  He also understands when we ask “what do you want?” and “done” in sign language.  We are now working on water, drink, food and some basic emotions.

It is really easy to teach any infant sign language, but repetition is key.  Every time we give my son more food we use the sign for it.  When we give him juice or water, we sign it.  Now we ask him “do you want juice?” and sign it, plus sign what we actually give him.

I recommend that parents use this tool to help communicate with their children.  It will help with the meltdowns because you don’t know what they want!

Did you use sign language with your children?  If so, do you have any tips?  Is this something that you would like to know more information about?

Ashley Myers

One thought on “Baby Sign Language

  1. we did baby sign with Goblin. We went to classes (mainly to get me out of the house) until he was 12 months. He never learnt a sign during the classes, but I persisted and then he got into Something Special on TV with Mr Tumble who signs, and he started using loads of signs. It was so brilliant because he was a relatively late talker but he could make his needs known. He still signs along with words now and he’s 2.5 years. I agree that it is an excellent tool to aid communication in those early stages of speech development.


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