Going Back to Work

Some families are blessed to be able to have one parent stay home, but most families have both parents working. Whether it is one parent going to work or both going back to work after having a baby it is hard.

Some things that you can do to prepare yourself and your baby for you going back to work are:

-Leave your baby with the child care provider you will use when you go back to work for a few hours a day, just to get used to being away

-A couple of weeks before you go back to work try to set a routine that you will have when you go back to work

-If you are breastfeeding: Introduce a bottle between 4weeks and 6 weeks of age to help your baby get used to it

-Have other people feed your baby

-If you have the opportunity gradually go back to work

-Get Organized: Prepare for the first week back by planning your meals, have bottles ready the night before

As time passes, after you go back to work, it gets easier to leave your baby.

If you have something that helped you go back to work let us know

Ashley Myers

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