This Works for Me: Teething

  • Freeze mini bagels for the teething baby to gnaw on.  The coldness of the bagel feels good on their gums and it is soft enough that when melted they can eat it! (Jenn Rakowski)
  • Put the pacifier in the freezer, so that it is cold when they want it.
  • Your fingers
  • Frozen bananas

What did you do to help with teething babies?

One thought on “This Works for Me: Teething

  1. * baltic amber necklaces (you can get them made w/ a magnetic clasp so they aren’t going to strangle the baby). the amber has succinic acid in it, which is a natural pain reliever. the heat of your skin warms the amber and releases the succinic acid, which absorbs through your skin. it works REALLY well – my kids each had one when they were babies, and i wear one daily to help w/ chronic neck pain. i got mine from happy dance creations (search for them on facebook), and i know a lot of people like the ones made by inspired by finn. these necklaces are NOT for chewing on – they shouldn’t be long enough that baby can put the beads in their mouths. there are multiple safety precautions as well – silk thread is knotted between each bead so IF the necklace breaks (which is rare b/c silk is so strong), only 1 or 2 beads will fall off, not the whole strand. the string is attached w/ a special knot that’ll come free if the necklace catches on something so your little one won’t get strangled, and you can request a magnetic clasp as well (standard is a screw clasp).
    * wet washcloth to chew on – either room temperature or frozen.
    * counter-pressure – use your finger, a finger brush, or a toothbrush to apply firm, gentle pressure to baby’s gums. they’ll fuss for a second or 2, but then they generally settle down b/c it feels so good.
    * no NOT use orajel – it actually can toughen up a baby’s gums, which will make teething MORE difficult and painful int he future.
    * gentle naturals teething drops. they were NOT recalled when the teething tablets were recalled. they have chamomile and a couple other things in them that can really help a teething child settle down and relieve their pain. i’ve had the most luck finding these at target or on
    * never tried it, but i’ve heard clove oil can work wonders too – it numbs the gums.


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