This Works for Me: Teething

-Baltic amber necklaces (you can get them made with a magnetic clasp so they aren’t going to strangle the baby). the amber has succinic acid in it, which is a natural pain reliever. the heat of your skin warms the amber and releases the succinic acid, which absorbs through your skin. it works REALLY well – my kids each had one when they were babies, and … Continue reading This Works for Me: Teething

This Works for Me!

Fall is a great time to go outdoors and LOOK.  Teach your children to notice things- patterns on the ground, the sun shining through the leaves, the many shades of leaves, various bark trees.  A nature walk could include taking a book along to identify birds, trees, leaves, and bugs. Best medication for TEETHING TODDLERS crushed ice!  Give child spoon and little dish of ice.  Really … Continue reading This Works for Me!