This Works for Me!

Place a Flashlight instead of a candle inside of a carved pumpkin for safety.

Delegate when there are several jobs to be done.  Enlist the help of children by giving them a choice.  For example: to the first child: Do you want to sweep the floor or would you rather water the plants?  To the next child: Would you rather water the plants or vacuum the rug? (Jane Kolf)

Distract small children when they are arguing or when they are “into” something they shouldn’t be.  For example: Child is crying because big sister is playing with a friend; say “Honey, I need your help in the kitchen to stir the cake I’m baking.”  When a small child is touching the television; try, “Honey, I haven’t seen the new book you got at the library.  Could you bring it to me?” (Mary Calis)

When children are having a difficult time following your directions or listening to you, tell them to “Look at my face” or use “Focus” as a buzz word. (Mary Beth Schepis)

Try Again! When children speak rudely or impolitely, say “Let’s try that again.”  Children learn and have a chance to practice speaking politely.

Encouragement: A publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

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