This Works for Me!

I have a laundry basket for each child that I put their clean clothes in.  To encourage them to put them away I put a TREAT at the bottom of the pile! (Connie Nokes-Roberts)

NIGHTMARE BEAR- a sutffed teddy bear, names by her children, is used when they need comforting. (Connie Nokes-Roberts)

Have “DATES” with your children.  Make it a point to spend extra time with the older ones.  Usually it’s 15 minutes her or there but it seems to make the difference. (Connie Nokes-Roberts)

MUSIC- A simple game everyone can do.  Using a piano or xylophone, ask the children if the notes you play are going up, down, skipping or stuck (same note).

RX FOR TIRED EYES- Place a slice of refrigerated cucumber over your eyelids first thing in the morning…refreshing!

INTERRUPTIONS- When I am about to embark upon a project (like sewing) I will often cut-up some apples or other snack and prepared cups of juice and leave them on the kitchen table.  When appetites are aroused, I point them in the right direction.  Keeps my interruptions to a minimum! (Gail Signor)

REMEMBER-  Does someone empty the wastebasket but forget to put a new liner back in?  Leave the lines in the bottom of the can- it’s too convenient to forget! (Angela DiCicco)

Encouragement: A publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

One thought on “This Works for Me!

  1. These are great suggestions. I just had my 2nd child and miss all that time alone I had with my oldest when he was our only child. I’d say dates are in our future. Also, love the laundry basket idea. My son has learned how to fold clothes but if he had his own basket I can see how that’d help him put things away. Great ideas.
    Here is another great parenting resource: It’s call the Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( I’ve gotten tips for both my kids on how to start healthy habits early and how to make the daily grind of teeth brushing fun. My oldest and I used to battle over this but now we enjoy it and he actually laughs and has fun. Great ideas on here.


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