Tips learned from my First Official Craft Fair

My first official craft fair was last weekend!  I must admit that it was not as successful as my Open House, however, part of marketing is getting ourselves out there and letting people know what we have to offer!

So here’s my display:

Looks good, right?  I am wondering if I had too many options, though.  I brought button jewelry, the green shirt that my daughter made, scarves that I crocheted and hair ties too! I wanted to cover all my bases from grownups to children.

Here’s the funny part:  I thought the craft fair was next weekend and I had another week to get my act together!  Not so!  I found out on Thursday that the craft fair was on Saturday!

So here’s what I learned in the immediacy of getting ready in 1 day: 

  • Sometimes, the less time we have to stress, the better.  Had I had another week, I would have crammed more product in and, in the end, it wouldn’t have made a difference!
  • Keep it simple.  Because of my time crunch, I threw a white tablecloth into my bag, grabbed all my product and left!
  • Use various heights when displaying items.  I noticed several tables that had flat displays and they weren’t very interesting to me.  When dancing, you use the floor, you reach for the sky, you use the middle ground.  Displaying is like that.  I used CD’s (keeping it simple) that were in my car to prop under the tablecloth for various heights. 
  • Take orders.  When someone mentioned they would like the scarf in another color, I jumped on it and suggested she place an order.  Another woman wanted a button bouquet in blue, white and silver.  I immediately grabbed my pen and paper and took her order.  I also take 20% deposit so my time is not wasted. 
  • Next time, I would write suggestions for the use of some of my products and display it.  I have a niche product and, while people were fascinated, they also wanted to know what to do with it!  

If you’ve had success with craft fairs, please send me your tips and I’ll share them with others too!

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