Summer Fun Ideas

Explore nature with a MAGNIFYING GLASS.

Make a VOLCANO by piling dirt 10″ high.  Dig a hole in the top.  Pour in 2 tsp. Baking soda followed by some vinegar.  Watch the ERUPTION!

Have ROLLAR SKATING or ROLLAR BLADING RACES around the block- using proper safety gear, of course.

Set-up a times OBSTACLE course at a playground: go down the slide, along the monkey bars, swing on the tire, through the tunnel, etc.

Have a “CAR WASH” with bikes and wagons in the neighborhood.

Build DOLLHOUSE: stack shoe boxes, staple them together, then paint and decorate with fabric.

Hide a KITCHEN TIMER and have children search for sound.

Fill a zipper-lock bad half full with fingerpaint and shaving cream.  Children can RUB and SQUISH the sealed bag.

Line-up chairs and be a TRAIN or BUS.  Ask questions; Where are you going?  Who’s the money collector?  Who’s driving, What do you see when you reach your stop?  Stuffed animals make great passengers.

Ideas adapted from “A Mother’s Manual for Summer Survival” by Kathy Peel and Joy Mahaffey and “Activities for School-Age Child Care”

Encouragement: A publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

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