Ways to Keep the Flame Alive

Romantic Ideas for Wives:

  • Take the children to a friend’s and have a quiet dinner at home.
  • Buy a new nightie, sheet set, or perfume.
  • Put candles, flowers, and chilled wine in the bedroom.
  • Play out a fantasy
  • Send a sexy love note in your husband’s lunch or call him just before he leaves for home and make an indecent proposal.
  • Take a trip down memory lane.  Pull out old photos, dress as you did when dating, visit hang-outs, or renew old activities.
  • Boost your husband’s ego by leaving love notes all over that compliment his body, talents, and personality.
  • Shower appreciation with your attitudes, actions and words.  Send a thank-you note in which you list all the things he does that are normally taken for granted.

Taken from Encouragement, a publication of Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

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