Family Fun: First Day of Summer

The first day of Summer is June 21, here are some fun ideas to celebrate the first day of Summer Have a sponge war with buckets and sponges Make a slippery water slide by using a piece of heavy plastic a little soap and water hose Make frozen fruit pops with fruit juice Have a picnic in the park Have a special dinner outside, this … Continue reading Family Fun: First Day of Summer

Summer Fun Ideas

Explore nature with a MAGNIFYING GLASS. Make a VOLCANO by piling dirt 10″ high.  Dig a hole in the top.  Pour in 2 tsp. Baking soda followed by some vinegar.  Watch the ERUPTION! Have ROLLAR SKATING or ROLLAR BLADING RACES around the block- using proper safety gear, of course. Set-up a times OBSTACLE course at a playground: go down the slide, along the monkey bars, swing on the … Continue reading Summer Fun Ideas