Brain Games for Toddlers

Saying Names:  To help your toddler learn that people and objects have different names, touch an object and say the name.  Then take your toddler’s hand and touch the object and say the name again.  Now say “(your toddlers name) is touching the (object)”.  This can be done with all different objects and people. Early Block Fun:  Make disposable blocks out of small milk cartons.  … Continue reading Brain Games for Toddlers

The “Do-Get” Theory

Children learn that when the “do” something, they “get” something.  This is the “do-get” theory.  It works both ways.  When they do something well, we praise them, get excited for them.  Hang their art work on the refrigerator.  They learn that by “doing” that particular action or activity, they receive positive reinforcement. It encourages them to continue doing that activity and doing it well. They … Continue reading The “Do-Get” Theory

Encouraging Creativity in Children

There are a lot of parents that feel like the child’s art work needs to fit into a nice little box.  Here are a few types to encourage children to use their creativity. Encourage children to ask question Remember to focus on the process and not the finish product. Allow your child to make decisions when possible. Allow your child to use the materials for … Continue reading Encouraging Creativity in Children

Children Learn by Doing

Children learn by doing. “Doing” is an active, senses-involved way of learning.  Most children are tactile and learn through their senses. So “watching” you do something is using one sense – seeing.  Most of us need to get to the “doing” part.  Allow children to follow along with you after instructing them.  Let them make mistakes.  In fact, there are no mistakes because they are … Continue reading Children Learn by Doing

Activities for Babies: 0-3 Months

Babies start learning from the minute they are born.  Over the course of their first year they learn so much, there are a lot of activities that you can do with infants to help with development. Below are a few activities for ages 0-3 months: Kick, Kick, Kick: To help your baby practice kicking, place items at the baby’s feet such a stuffed animals, squeaky toys, or your … Continue reading Activities for Babies: 0-3 Months

Creating a Sensory Environment

Learning about the 5 senses can be a lot of fun.  Below are some suggestions for ways to teach the 5 different senses Sound Wind: Pinwheel, windsocks Running water: ponds, bridge over a wet spot Instruments: Bottle to blow through, windchimes, birdhouses & feeders to attract song birds, dry leaves, sticks in paper bags Piping taped sounds outdoors Songs which encourage making nature noises Play … Continue reading Creating a Sensory Environment

7 Styles of Learning

Which style of learning do you fall under? Linguistic Learner- Likes to read, write, tell stories; is good at memorizing;learns best by saying, hearing and seeing words Logical/Mathematical Learner- Likes to do experiments, figure things out, work with numbers, ask questions, explore patterns and relationships; is good at math, reasoning, logic, problem solving; learns best by categorizing, classifying, working with abstract patterns/relationships. Spatial Learner- Likes to … Continue reading 7 Styles of Learning

Television: A Priceless Learning Tool or a Great Evil?

There have been so much debate over the question of whether television is a priceless learning tool or a great evil.  I don’t know about your television set, but mine, left to its own devices, doesn’t have any real power at all, except an uncanny ability to attract dust.  The only control my television has over my life is that which I grant it. With my … Continue reading Television: A Priceless Learning Tool or a Great Evil?

Book Review: Meditations for Parents Who Do To Much by Jonathon and Wendy Lazear

My Stepfather and Mother gave me this book for Christmas last year.  It is a great book for any parent.  Each day you can read only one page that pertains to that day.  These little passages are great for any parent that doesn’t have much time.  It is a great reminder each day to live your life and not stress over the small stuff.  I … Continue reading Book Review: Meditations for Parents Who Do To Much by Jonathon and Wendy Lazear