Creating a Sensory Environment

Learning about the 5 senses can be a lot of fun.  Below are some suggestions for ways to teach the 5 different senses


  • Wind: Pinwheel, windsocks
  • Running water: ponds, bridge over a wet spot
  • Instruments: Bottle to blow through, windchimes, birdhouses & feeders to attract song birds, dry leaves, sticks in paper bags
  • Piping taped sounds outdoors
  • Songs which encourage making nature noises
  • Play different notes on a Piano


  • Plants that are fuzzy, sticky, rough
  • Touch bags: put different objects in paper bag and have them feel
  • Logs
  • Sand Pit: Hide different things in the sand pit to find
  • Walk barefoot: feel differnt types of flooring
  • Leaf/Bark rubbings


  • Rainbow garden
  • Painting
  • Paper binoculars: toliet paper tubes for binoculars
  • Collecting Colors
  • Color
  • Maze


  • Mints, candy
  • Herbs
  • Smell boxes: old spice jars
  • Smell different candle scent


  • Berries
  • Mints
  • Various Herbs
  • Maple Syrup
  • Honey

Do you have any fun ideas for teaching the 5 senses?  We would love to hear!

Ashley Myers

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