Activities for Babies: 0-3 Months

Babies start learning from the minute they are born.  Over the course of their first year they learn so much, there are a lot of activities that you can do with infants to help with development.

Below are a few activities for ages 0-3 months:

  • Kick, Kick, Kick: To help your baby practice kicking, place items at the baby’s feet such a stuffed animals, squeaky toys, or your hand.  Only place one item at a time at your baby’s feet.
  • Follow the Bee: Hold your finger in the air and make a buzzing sound.  Move your finger around as you buzz.  Land the “bee” on your baby.  Now use your baby’s finger to do the same.  Repeat this many times.
  • Bedtime Talk: The more you talk to your baby, the sooner your baby will try to talk.  When it’s bedtime, talk to your baby in a soothing voice.  Hold your baby close to you and stroke their body.
  • Moving the Picture: Infants are stimulated by vivid colors, patterns, and shapes.  Find a colorful picture and tie it to the bars of the crib where your baby can see it.  Move the picture to different places in the crib every few days.
  • Flashlight Tracker: Your baby needs to have their vision stimulated, in order to build connections in the brain. In a darken room, shine the flashlight on the ceiling, floor, and walls.  Don’t forget to shine it on yourself too!

Do you have any fun activities that you do with your infant?  Please let us know!

Come back next week for Activities for Babies: 3-6 months

Reference: Games to play with Babies by Jackie Silberg

Ashley Myers

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