Beating the TV Habit

It is helpful to realize that TV shows filmed with one camera are less addictive (due to the lack of a “flicker” every few second from one angle to another.) Repetitive viewing of a favorite DVD does not enhance a TV habit.  All children love repetition.  It allows them to make a story or movie “their own”.  Rather than mindless viewing, they tend to memorize … Continue reading Beating the TV Habit

Television: A Priceless Learning Tool or a Great Evil?

There have been so much debate over the question of whether television is a priceless learning tool or a great evil.  I don’t know about your television set, but mine, left to its own devices, doesn’t have any real power at all, except an uncanny ability to attract dust.  The only control my television has over my life is that which I grant it. With my … Continue reading Television: A Priceless Learning Tool or a Great Evil?

Encouragement: The Prime Motivator

Encouragement and Praise When we praise, we send a restricting message (“You’re only worthwhile when you do things well”) But when we encourage, we respond to a wider range of behavior, effort, and improvement. Some children interpret praise as “To be worthwhile, I must do what you want.” When we encourage, we lead children to take responsibility for their own feelings of  worth. Praise is … Continue reading Encouragement: The Prime Motivator

Scolding your Children

Remember when scolding to attack the behavior, not the child.  Instead of “You were a bad girl” change to “You did a bad thing”.  The behavior was bad but the child is intrinsically good and would benefit from separation of behavior and person.  Let’s fill out children’s head with the belief that they are good people who sometimes make mistakes (just like us!). Angela DiCicco Continue reading Scolding your Children

Product Review: Safety First Tot Lok

When my son started to walk we knew that we were going to need to get something so he didn’t get into all the kitchen cabinets and drawers.  We had been given the cabinet locks that you push down on to open, but my son figured out that if he pulled it hard enough he could open the cabinet.  Complaining to a friend, he suggested … Continue reading Product Review: Safety First Tot Lok

Dealing with Post Partum Depression

Post Partum Depression(PPD) affects between 11 and 20 percent of women.  It can be a mild case or a severe case, but usually goes away on its own over time.  PPD is a disorder that occurs after the birth of a child, usually due to hormone imbalances. Some symptoms of PPD are loss of appetite, sadness, feeling worthless, feeling rejected, loss of interest in the … Continue reading Dealing with Post Partum Depression