Product Review: Safety First Tot Lok

When my son started to walk we knew that we were going to need to get something so he didn’t get into all the kitchen cabinets and drawers.  We had been given the cabinet locks that you push down on to open, but my son figured out that if he pulled it hard enough he could open the cabinet.  Complaining to a friend, he suggested the Safety 1st Magnetic Tot Lok Deluxe Starter Set
that have a key!  It didn’t take but a week for us to have them installed in our kitchen.  My husband installed them with a little effort, and once he figured the first one out the rest were easy.  Now there is no way for my son to get into the cabinets or drawers or even open them allowing him to pinch his fingers.  We are now in the process of purchasing more in order to lock his bedroom drawers!


Do you have a product that you love?  Please let me know!

Ashley Myers

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