How Do You Define Success? Here’s 6 Ways.

My daughter recently asked me, “Do you see yourself as successful?”

In my home-based business creating button bouquets, I’ve sold them in 8 countries and all across the U.S. & Canada.  Am I successful?

I’ve raised three beautiful children who are independent thinkers and productive members of society.  Am I successful?

Ultimately, the question comes down to, “What does being successful mean to me?”

Success can be defined differently on a variety of planes – emotional, financial, personal, spiritual, career, academic.

Emotional:  Am I emotionally healthy?  Am I in an emotionally healthy relationship? Do I work through my emotions in a positive way?  Am I willing to look at my inner myself  and modify my behavior when it is warranted?  Take responsibility for my actions and not blame someone else?

Personal:  Am I happy?  Am I doing what I want to be doing?  Am I contributing to the world in a positive way?  If I have children, how am I raising them?  Have a done it thoughtfully?  

Spiritual:  Do I give back to society or am I just taking?  Am I available for friends and family when they need me?  Do I reach out to the elderly or a sick friend?  Do I share my wealth, whether its money, talent or gifts?

Financial:  Am I where I want to be financially?  Am I self-supporting? Financially comfortable?  Do I have financial freedom?  Financial security? 

Career:  Do I have the career that I want?  Am I happy doing what I do or just going through the motions?  What career would I have if I could have any that I wanted?

Academic:  Have I finished the degree I wanted?  Have I made steps towards my goal?  Have I defined what direction I want to take to better myself?  What degree would I want and what would I do with it? 

While I can unequivocally say that I was a success at parenting, I falter when it comes to believing that I am  a financial success nor have I met my academic goals.

Yet, I’ve been successful on many levels over the years.  So it’s time to acknowledge that, YES!, I am a success.  Even if I’m not where I want to be financially. 

What ruler am I using to measure “success?”  Better question, who’s ruler am I using?  Maybe it’s time to redefine success for myself.

If you have thoughts on what defines success for you, please feel free to share!

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