Adopting a Positive Attitude

Does it surprise you to know that successful people don’t always wake up with a positive attitude? You and only you can control your attitude.  You choose to be critical and negative or positive and productive.  A positive attitude is something we all must work to achieve each day.  Thinking and living on a positive level must become a habit.  Below are some steps to … Continue reading Adopting a Positive Attitude

FEAR – 6 Steps to Help you Move Past It.

F.E.A.R – False evidence appearing real. Does fear stop you from reaching your goals, dreams, desires?  Feel the fear and do it anyway.  That is has been my motto as an adult.  That’s how I raised my children. One day I heard my son say, “I hate bridges.”” I didn’t know that.  He had just crossed a huge bridge and I asked him why he did … Continue reading FEAR – 6 Steps to Help you Move Past It.

How Do You Define Success? Here’s 6 Ways.

My daughter recently asked me, “Do you see yourself as successful?” In my home-based business creating button bouquets, I’ve sold them in 8 countries and all across the U.S. & Canada.  Am I successful? I’ve raised three beautiful children who are independent thinkers and productive members of society.  Am I successful? Ultimately, the question comes down to, “What does being successful mean to me?” Success … Continue reading How Do You Define Success? Here’s 6 Ways.