Adopting a Positive Attitude

Does it surprise you to know that successful people don’t always wake up with a positive attitude?

You and only you can control your attitude.  You choose to be critical and negative or positive and productive.  A positive attitude is something we all must work to achieve each day.  Thinking and living on a positive level must become a habit.  Below are some steps to help lead you up a more positive path.

  1. Compare yourself only to yourself.  Watch what you say when you talk to yourself.  Learn to be your own best friend.
  2. Spend time only with positive people.  If a person doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, limit the time you spend with that person.
  3. Read or listen to something positive every day.  Read an excerpt from an inspirational book or listen to motivational takes to get yourself on the right track.
  4. Record your successes.  Every evening write down what went well that day!
  5. Find opportunity in every obstacle.  Obstacles are just problems that need to be solved.
  6. Look for miracles in everyone and everything.  Look for good and great will follow!
  7. Focus on others instead of only yourself.  Those who give ultimately recieve.
  8. Activeness= Positiveness.  Stop analyzing and start working to achieve personal success.
  9. Remember, God never made a nobody.  Always believe in yourself because YOU’RE SPECIAL!

Adapted from the Kay Simpson Newsletter

How do you keep yourself positive?

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