Homeschooling: An Option (part 1)

For some, learning is something we are forced to do.  It is a chore- a sentence.  For 12 years we must go to school.  I hear parents say to little ones, “Get used to it.” Yet, a “grin and bear it” attitude takes away from learning.  Most of us believe that learning should be fun; that learning is growing; that each year should be like kindergarden- lots of love.  Children want to learn.  They love it!  The real world can be a wonderful, beautiful, exciting place to do this. Homeschoolers are very aware of this fact. (Donna Mashburn)  We present the following information, ideas, and testimonies concerning homeschooling.  It is an option worth considering and understanding.

Homeschool Facts:

The National Home Education Research estimates that 2.04 million children nationwide are being educated by their parents in 2010, compared with 350,000 during the 1990s.

Homschooling is legal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, but the laws vary widely.  Some states require that parents must be certified teachers, others require home visits by school officials, while many need to approve your curriculum.

There are schools which will cater to homeschoolers.  They allow students to take classes their parents don’t feel capable of teaching, such as foreign language or sciences.

Some homeschooling institutes offer correspondence programs that will send you everything you need for a very reasonable price.  Teaching assistance and legal aid is often party of their service.

Since honeschooling is individualized teaching it can be done successfully with a time commitment of only three hours a day.

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