7 Styles of Learning

Which style of learning do you fall under? Linguistic Learner- Likes to read, write, tell stories; is good at memorizing;learns best by saying, hearing and seeing words Logical/Mathematical Learner- Likes to do experiments, figure things out, work with numbers, ask questions, explore patterns and relationships; is good at math, reasoning, logic, problem solving; learns best by categorizing, classifying, working with abstract patterns/relationships. Spatial Learner- Likes to … Continue reading 7 Styles of Learning

This Works for Me: Tips for Teaching at Home

Most of these ideas can be used even if you’re not homeschooling.  As parents, we are our children’s primary educator. Learning takes place everywhere, anywhere.  Look for opportunities to teach in everyday activities.  If you’re getting a new rug, have your child help with measuring.  Let your child follow a recipe.  Talk about measurements using standard and metric.  Have them design a house.  What size … Continue reading This Works for Me: Tips for Teaching at Home

Moms to Moms: Homeschooling

The first question people asked me about homeschooling was “What about socialization?” By that I suppose they meant, “Would my son be isolated?”  My response to this is that there are many ways to socialize and sitting in the school for 6 hours a day with the same children in the same age group is just one way of socializing.  It’s not better, it’s not always the most positive … Continue reading Moms to Moms: Homeschooling

Thinking about Homeschooling?

Reasons for homeschooling can vary: Your child is not doing well in school and nothing seems to help. Your child is not having a good learning experience and is very unhappy in school. You feel that your child would benefit from spending more time with you. You disagree with the moral or religious teaching (or lack of it) in the school system. There are several … Continue reading Thinking about Homeschooling?

Homeschooling: An Option (part 1)

For some, learning is something we are forced to do.  It is a chore- a sentence.  For 12 years we must go to school.  I hear parents say to little ones, “Get used to it.” Yet, a “grin and bear it” attitude takes away from learning.  Most of us believe that learning should be fun; that learning is growing; that each year should be like kindergarden- lots … Continue reading Homeschooling: An Option (part 1)