10 Time Management tips for Home Based Businesses

Mary Kay used to say, “The curtains may need to be washed, but not today!”  I regularly remember that as I look around my house during the day and see dishes, laundry, sweeping that needs to be done. What REALLY needs to be done?  My business.  That’s my focus if I am to build a successful home-based business.  I love the Wikipedia definition of time … Continue reading 10 Time Management tips for Home Based Businesses


Today has been a beautiful day.  The temperature is perfect and the air conditioner doesn’t need to run loudly, keeping the world out.  I love to hear the chirping birds, watch the hummingbirds sip from their feeder on the porch. Some days, errands are a part of life.  Having a home-based business means honing in, staying focused.    But isn’t one of the perks of … Continue reading Home-based!