How to Pump and Store Breast Milk

Pumping: Pump 3-4 hours after you last nursed the baby. Wash your hands. Use clean equipment. Adjust the pump setting on low to start.  Then, increase it to your comfort level. Wet the horn with water or a few drops of breast milk. Center your nipple in the horn, don’t let the nipple rub. Pull the plunger gently about half way out for the first … Continue reading How to Pump and Store Breast Milk

This Works for Me: Recycling!

RECYCLING: Save those baby wipe containers. They’re great to store markers and crayons in After soap and water, styrofoam trays from package meats make great paint trays when stenciling or for various children’s crafts.  Also good for kiddies’ snacks. Keep baby food jars and lids until you’re inspired to make potpourri gifts. Fill jar with potpourri and cover lid with pretty cloth.  Tie a ribbon on and … Continue reading This Works for Me: Recycling!