Kids Korner: Harvest Time

Fall has long been a season of celebration.  Harvest parties have been in existence for centuries.  Why not have a party this year using suggestions from “The Penny Whistle Halloween Book” by Meredith Brokaw and Annie Gilbar?  We’ve excerpted a few of our favorite ideas. PUMPKIN DECORATIONS Hollow out and fill with dried flowers, leaves, and branches. Make a “family” by using pumpkins of different sizes. As … Continue reading Kids Korner: Harvest Time

7 Styles of Learning

Which style of learning do you fall under? Linguistic Learner- Likes to read, write, tell stories; is good at memorizing;learns best by saying, hearing and seeing words Logical/Mathematical Learner- Likes to do experiments, figure things out, work with numbers, ask questions, explore patterns and relationships; is good at math, reasoning, logic, problem solving; learns best by categorizing, classifying, working with abstract patterns/relationships. Spatial Learner- Likes to … Continue reading 7 Styles of Learning

Beating the TV Habit

It is helpful to realize that TV shows filmed with one camera are less addictive (due to the lack of a “flicker” every few second from one angle to another.) Repetitive viewing of a favorite DVD does not enhance a TV habit.  All children love repetition.  It allows them to make a story or movie “their own”.  Rather than mindless viewing, they tend to memorize … Continue reading Beating the TV Habit

Solutions for the “Nothing to Do” Syndrome

At some point in every parents life we will hear “I’m bored” or ” I have nothing to do” and we immediately think “the bathroom needs to be cleaned!” Here are some creative ideas for when your children come to you saying “I have nothing to do.” Prepare a story hour- have the younger children pick out books for the older children to read. Act out … Continue reading Solutions for the “Nothing to Do” Syndrome

Television: A Priceless Learning Tool or a Great Evil?

There have been so much debate over the question of whether television is a priceless learning tool or a great evil.  I don’t know about your television set, but mine, left to its own devices, doesn’t have any real power at all, except an uncanny ability to attract dust.  The only control my television has over my life is that which I grant it. With my … Continue reading Television: A Priceless Learning Tool or a Great Evil?

Scolding your Children

Remember when scolding to attack the behavior, not the child.  Instead of “You were a bad girl” change to “You did a bad thing”.  The behavior was bad but the child is intrinsically good and would benefit from separation of behavior and person.  Let’s fill out children’s head with the belief that they are good people who sometimes make mistakes (just like us!). Angela DiCicco Continue reading Scolding your Children

Family Fun: July 4th

July 4th can be a lot more than just a cookout and fireworks, below are a few fun activities for the family to celebrate the 4th! Organize a neighborhood parade.  Help the children decorate bikes, wagons and outfits in red, white and blue. Have a picnic before the fireworks start.  Usually there is music and fun activities for the children. Host a side-walk chalk contest. … Continue reading Family Fun: July 4th