Stress and the Holidays

Holidays are an important and stress time for many families.  The focus of the holidays is to celebrate but often we become so busy with preparations that we forget their true meaning.  Meeting everyone’s needs during the holidays, as well as bringing to life the picture we’ve painted in our own minds, can over-stress our bodies.  Our bodies can be over-stressed both physically (e.g. overeating, … Continue reading Stress and the Holidays

Kid’s Korner: Holiday Party Games

Holiday Party Games: Word Game: How many words can your make from “Happy Thanksgiving”. Feather Game: Divide in teams (relay-style game).  First person must try to keep a feather in the air by blowing it to designated spot.  Player than passes it back to next player.  First team finished wins. Lost Mittens: Everyone brings a pair of mittens.  They turn them inside out and toss in … Continue reading Kid’s Korner: Holiday Party Games

Holiday Traditions

Each family has different holiday traditions, throughout the years those traditions may be altered or change entirely due to marriage, babies, location. There are many different traditions that I enjoyed as a child and I plan on continuing as an adult with my family. My Christmas Holiday starts on Thanksgiving weekend.  We always put up the Christmas tree, decorate the house and start the baking! … Continue reading Holiday Traditions

Kid’s Korner: Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts Made by Children: Paper mache` bracelets: Don’t let this scare you- it’s easy but a little messy.  Fold a 1/2 sheet of newspaper into a width of about 1″.  Form into a circle and tape with masking tape.  Add more tape around to secure.  Tear 1′ strips of newspaper.  Using a mixture of glue and water, dip newspaper until wet and wrap around bracelet.  Use … Continue reading Kid’s Korner: Holiday Gifts

Holiday Ideas

Give each child their own nativity set. It could be one they can play with or one that’s handmade.  Let them keep it in their room. Teach children customs from another faith or country.  serve smelts, spaghetti with anchovies, and shrimp on Christmas Eve as the Italians do.  You could light a Hanukkah candles to remember where the Jewish and Christian faiths come from.  Families from … Continue reading Holiday Ideas

How to Help a Friend who is Grieving

Do’s: Let your genuine concern and caring show.  Express your sorrow about the death and acknowledge your friend’s pain.  Remember: sayings something is better than saying nothing. Be available to listen. The grieving person needs to express their thoughts and feelings about what has happened.  They may long for the opportunity to go over all of the events that have occurred and express their feelings of loss. Offer to help … Continue reading How to Help a Friend who is Grieving

Peeking Through the Window

A holiday party is in progress and a photo is being snapped.  This is the scene as you watch through the frosted windowpane:  A woman wears a black velvet dress cut to a “V” in back.  Her hair is upswept and perfectly lacquered.  Her nails are perfectly manicured and her smile shows perfect teeth.  Her children, too, are dressed festively.  The girl is dressed in red … Continue reading Peeking Through the Window

For Children Dealing with Death

Protect your children from other people’s advice.  A well-maning relative may say, “You’re the man of the family now,”  to a 7-year-old who is not qualified to fill that role. Consider taking them out of school temporarily.  Some teachers expect “business as usual”  when your child may not be up to it.  After dealing with a death, your child may feel his/her peers are immature or … Continue reading For Children Dealing with Death

Kid’s Korner: Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts: Indian headband: Have children trace their hand five times on different colored construction paper.  Staple onto headband strip of paper, overlapping “feathers”.  They can use this Indian headband in a Thanksgiving play. Turkey Hand: Have children trace hand on colored construction paper.  Cut it out.  Color the hand in where the thumb is the head of the turkey and the hand is the … Continue reading Kid’s Korner: Thanksgiving Crafts