Kid’s Korner: Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts Made by Children:

Paper mache` bracelets: Don’t let this scare you- it’s easy but a little messy.  Fold a 1/2 sheet of newspaper into a width of about 1″.  Form into a circle and tape with masking tape.  Add more tape around to secure.  Tear 1′ strips of newspaper.  Using a mixture of glue and water, dip newspaper until wet and wrap around bracelet.  Use several layers: try to keep it smooth.  Let dry.  Tear colored tissue paper into squares.  Using glue mixture, glue paper to bracelet, smoothing as you go, until completely covered.  Let dry.  At this point, you could leave as is or add sequins and glitter.

Napkin Rings: Using green felt, cut out six trees following pattern.  Add sequins, buttons or other ornaments to tree.  Glue ends together.  Add napkin.

Gift Box: Take a shoebox and cover it with plain white paper.  Decorate the paper with stencils, stamps, stickers, markers, etc.  You can even use old wrapping paper.  Fill box with fun little gifts.

Adapted from Encouragement: A publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

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