15 minute adaptive workout for home, office, airplane….

This adaptive workout is worth watching! It can be used at home, in an office sitting behind a desk or on a plane! My husband is a paraplegic and it’s important that he continue to stretch and work on his core. It’s important for able-bodied persons too!

I did this workout along with the video and I found it helpful! I spend a lot of time at my computer and these simple exercises/stretches helped my upper body feel better!

Wheelchair users/disabled/paraplegics need to keep their bodies as highly functional as possible. Upper body exercises are one way to keep wheelchair users fit. One of exercises helps avoid pressure sores. Another one works on the shoulders. Movement of any kind helps because the body doesn’t burn off calories the way it might on an able bodied person.

Added benefit is that when we are move our bodies, we can release endorphins that help us feel better! Endorphins can help release stress and reduce pain.

So follow along! It’s 15 minutes worth watching!

Let me know what you think!

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