10 Ways to AVOID Doing Your Job!

How many ways can I avoid sitting down and filling my pre-paid orders????? I own a home based business making faux-floral wedding bouquets.  And some days, especially Mondays, it’s a challenge getting focused. Do you ever feel this way?


  1. I can write this blogpost about avoiding my orders! I mean, others must feel this way too so I MUST share it!
  2. I can take the time to prepare a cup of tea that I simply MUST have!
  3. I can talk to my husband about what’s bothering him.  That’s important, right?
  4. I can answer my emails.  From all 3 of my email accounts.
  5. I can check FB for some new fantastic thing that my friends are doing while ostensibly checking my fan page.
  6. I can look for dance classes.  I mean, I want to get fit, don’t I?
  7. I can list the items that I’ve been collecting from around the house. Because I can make quick money, right?
  8. I can recheck to see if I have any new emails.
  9. I can start on a new creative project that I’ve been wanting to get started on. It may be the next big thing!
  10. I can face why I want to avoid these orders….face the anxiety that it creates; face the self loathing that I feel for putting them off; face the fact that I may have to order supplies.  Mostly, I have to face the fact that I am having a hard time focusing on this ONE thing. And this ONE thing is the most important because some beautiful bride somewhere is waiting on her beautiful bouquet order!

Now that I got that off my chest….off to create my bride’s bouquets!


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