10 Ways to AVOID Doing Your Job!

How many ways can I avoid sitting down and filling my pre-paid orders????? I own a home based business making faux-floral wedding bouquets.  And some days, especially Mondays, it’s a challenge getting focused. Do you ever feel this way? Hmmm. I can write this blogpost about avoiding my orders! I mean, others must feel this way too so I MUST share it! I can take … Continue reading 10 Ways to AVOID Doing Your Job!

Encouragement: The Prime Motivator

Encouragement and Praise When we praise, we send a restricting message (“You’re only worthwhile when you do things well”) But when we encourage, we respond to a wider range of behavior, effort, and improvement. Some children interpret praise as “To be worthwhile, I must do what you want.” When we encourage, we lead children to take responsibility for their own feelings of  worth. Praise is … Continue reading Encouragement: The Prime Motivator