This Works for Me: Food!

Soda? Replace sodapop with a healthier substitute.  Kids love bubbly drinks so mix flavored seltzer water with juice or other non sugary beverage. Smorgasbord.  Make something different each night for dinner.  At the end of the week, to make dinner fun, put all the leftovers out adding a few other favorites and have a smorgasbord.  Everyone takes what they want and has variety. (Rose DiCicco is … Continue reading This Works for Me: Food!

Fun in the Sun!

Clothing should be light-weight and loose-fitting Hats prevent overheating.  Wide brims protect faces and necks from the sun. Drink 6-8 eight ounces of fluids daily. Increase fluids with increased activity and exercise.  Replace lost fluid and salt in extreme heat.  Alcoholic beverages do not count towards fluid intake. Use sunscreen with a sun protection favor (spf) of 15 or higher.  Reapply sunscreen frequently because it washes away with water … Continue reading Fun in the Sun!