5 Secrets to Being a Good Manager

Being a manager comes naturally to some; for others it’s a learned experience. Perhaps you’ve gotten to the stage in your home-based business where you need to hire help; these tips are a great place to start being a manager others will want to work for!

Secrets to being a good manager and getting the best from your staff:

  1. The attitude that you come in with will set the mood and tone for your whole staff. Keep it positive, even if there is something personal going on. Your staff doesn’t need to see you sweat.
  2. Be clear, direct and concise. Let your staff know exactly you need from them. Don’t assume they will know what you are thinking.  If someone has a question, don’t scare them off making them feel like they should already know the answer. It is better for someone to ask (what you may think is a stupid question) than to do it wrong, causing you more stress and them to feel bad.
  3. Work alongside your staff. You’re more likely to get the most from your staff if you show them that you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. It’s also the best way to be around your employee’s and let them know that you aren’t neglecting them.
  4. Don’t be afraid of your staff. If someone is doing something wrong or doing something that is against the rules or policy, it is extremely important that you let that staff member know (in private) specifically what it is they are doing that needs correcting.  Then, gently but firmly, tell that what the consequences will be if it happens again. This will either motivate them to get it together or push them to quit (which wouldn’t be a big loss if they are breaking rules). 
  5. Most importantly, try to be the manager that you would want to work with. I doubt anyone would chose to work for a cranky, angry, negative or lazy manager. So be the person that you would work for! 

By Becca Souder

Note:  Thanks to Becca Souder for supplying this information 

Becca has many years of experience in customer service and managing a staff.

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