Pregnancy and Caffeine

There has been a lot of controversy about consuming caffeine while pregnant.  Some say not to have it all, some say that it’s fine and others say to limit the amount.  The reason:  2 studies in 2008 found results that linked caffeine to miscarriages early in pregnancy.  There have been other studies that state that caffeine does not cause miscarriages.

According the March of Dimes, pregnant women need to limit their caffeine intake to less than 200 mg a day (the amount in about 1 12oz cup of coffee).  This amount includes not only coffee, but tea, chocolate, medications, and soft drinks.

Caffeine can increase risks for other birth defects according to one study in 2003, where pregnant women drank from 4-7 cups of coffee a day.

I limited the intake of caffeine as much as I could when I was pregnant.  I drank decaf coffee and tea, but I didn’t let go of my chocolate habit.  I now have a happy and healthy boy!  I think that it is up to the pregnant woman to carefully consider all the possible consequences, weigh that against her desire for caffeine and chocolate and with her doctor’s input, do what is right for her.

Ashley Myers

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