New Year’s Eve at Home

Some years it is great to sit back and relax at home with the children.  Then you think to yourself, “What am I going to do until midnight?”.  Well here is are some fun activities that you can do with the family.

  • Play News Anchor: Set up the video camera and have each person give a report of what they did that year.  Over the years you will have a remembrance of what was important to you and your children that year.
  • Have a Dance Party: Set up a large space in your house, decorate it and put on the music.  If you want you can even dress up for the occasion!
  • Go International: Plan the entire evening around a specific country.  Remember to include the food, music and drinks to account for this theme.
  • Be Silly: Have dessert first, put your pj’s on before dinner, play a board game backwards
  • Set up your goals: Be creative as to how you are going to track it.
  • Make a remembrance CD: Put all your favorite songs that came out the same year

Ashley Myers

Some Ideas from Parents Dish

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