What is Ok to buy used: Baby items

Buying secondhand is a great way to save money on baby/children items, but there are some things that you want to look out for before you purchase secondhand.
Playpens:   Make sure that it is made after 2000; 1999 was the last year the safety guidelines were updated for playpens. Check to see if the mattress is still intact. Look out for any holes in the mesh larger than 1/4 inch.

Toys:   Be on the look out for any chipped paint, or loose pieces. Take a look online for any safety recalls that may have happened.  I would avoid anything with teeth marks on it or soiled. Plastic toys can be sterilized after purchase with hot water and a safe cleaning s0lution.

Cribs:  Once again research that it was made after 2000.   Used cribs can be a great saving because cribs are used for such a short time.

Check the new safety standards for spacing of crib slats.

Examine the crib to be sure that all the pieces are there. It’s best to buy a crib that’s already put together so you can be sure all the parts are there and see how it is set up.

If purchasing a used mattress, check for tears.  See that it fits snugly inside the crib and that it has no gaps around the edges.

Go to this site for the latest updates.  New regulations for cribs started June 28, 2011. 

Furniture:   Make sure that it is up to current safety standards.

Strollers:  Check to see that it was made after 2007 to be current with the safety standards.

Make sure there are no hinges on the side used to either open and close the stroller, or adjust the canopy that could take off your child’s finger.

Check the harness, make sure it still clasps and it fits together properly.

If the grab bar or tray is perminate, make sure that it is big enough for a child’s torso and head can fit through it.

Car seats:  I would not buy used due to safety hazards. Car seats should not be resold if they were in a car accident. 

Check to make sure that it is within the expiration date.  Most expire within 6 years of being manufactured.  Contact the manufacturer if you have any questions

Do your research on the car seat to see if it has been recalled.

You can go to this website to find a place near you to have a Child Safety Seat Inspection.

Clothes:  Look for  new-looking items with no holes or tears in the clothing.  I wouldn’t buy clothes with stains on them either.  Often, clothes can be found with the tags on!

Bottles:   Look for bottles that are BPA-Free.  I suggest purchasing fresh nipples if you are buying used bottles.

Breast pump and parts:  Make sure that all parts work.  Parts are available for purchase for most breast pumps.
What would you buy second hand and what would pass overt?

2 thoughts on “What is Ok to buy used: Baby items

  1. I would by used cloth diapers! Many cloth diapers will last through multiple children and are a great way to save $$$.

    Thanks for stopping by Little miss kate – I don’t see a GFC to follow you back, do you have one?


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