Born to Serve, Not to Shop

The real evil of materialism is not the pursuit or things.  It is, rather, seeing and treating other people as things and therefore putting things ahead of people.  Youngsters with a habit of thinking and acting this way are headed toward trouble later in life: substance abuse, professional problems, marital break-up, a life dominated by impulse and unrestrained egoism.  What can parents do with their young … Continue reading Born to Serve, Not to Shop

This Works for Me!

Shopping with a Toddler: Before you go into the store, tell your child how to act, what behavior is and is not acceptable.  They need lots of reminders and they are still learning what is appropriate in what place.  Do not assume that after running around the playground this afternoon, your child will remember to be calm prepare them, this gives you an opportunity to say, “Remember, … Continue reading This Works for Me!