Tips for Making and Keeping Friends

BE ACCEPTING.  Not all of your friends are going to think and act the same as you. BE A GOOD LISTENER.  Make sure to make eye contact and even respond to what they are saying. DON’T BE A SHOW OFF.  Not everyone you meet will have the same interests or abilities so don’t rub it in. DON’T JUST USE YOUR FRIENDS.  Don’t only want to … Continue reading Tips for Making and Keeping Friends

“Working” through grief – 7 tips

Recently a dear friend of mine passed away.  It has thrown me for a loop because it was unexpected and she was so young.  So how to I process the grief? Many people throw themselves into their work. This only helps to keep the grief at bay.  It does not help to feel the grief and move through it. I found that I could focus … Continue reading “Working” through grief – 7 tips

Encouragement: The Prime Motivator

Encouragement and Praise When we praise, we send a restricting message (“You’re only worthwhile when you do things well”) But when we encourage, we respond to a wider range of behavior, effort, and improvement. Some children interpret praise as “To be worthwhile, I must do what you want.” When we encourage, we lead children to take responsibility for their own feelings of  worth. Praise is … Continue reading Encouragement: The Prime Motivator

This Works for Me: Teething

-Baltic amber necklaces (you can get them made with a magnetic clasp so they aren’t going to strangle the baby). the amber has succinic acid in it, which is a natural pain reliever. the heat of your skin warms the amber and releases the succinic acid, which absorbs through your skin. it works REALLY well – my kids each had one when they were babies, and … Continue reading This Works for Me: Teething