Why Do I feel so Guilty?

The dog was angry at me because I didn’t let him out fast enough.  I couldn’t fly down the steps in enough time to get him so he let me know by leaving an unpleasant present on the kitchen floor.  Meanwhile as I was busy getting ready to visit a friend, 16 month old Kevin spilled his cherry juice on our beige sofa.  I quickly moved … Continue reading Why Do I feel so Guilty?

Tips for Keeping Toddlers with You:

It is hard going anywhere with children, but even harder with children that want to walk with you and are no longer contained in a stroller.  So what do you teach them to help them stay with you?  What do you teach them if you are separated?  Here are some tips on what to teach your children. Dress children in the same color shirt- it … Continue reading Tips for Keeping Toddlers with You:

Going from a Working Mom to a Stay at Home Mom

For the first two years of my son life I was a working mom out of the house.  I went back to work when my son was 8 weeks old.  I will admit I was ready to go back to work, to be my own person, to get dressed up and look professional.  I worked from 6am-2:30 Monday through Friday.  I was blessed with an … Continue reading Going from a Working Mom to a Stay at Home Mom

Coping Skills for Parents

There are many things that I have had to learn since having children.  I am the type of parent that does tons of research and likes to know what is going to happen, but there are some things that you can not understand until you experience them.  For me the hardest thing was learning to be patient and flexible and understanding that my life as … Continue reading Coping Skills for Parents

Technology and the Next Generation

In my short life time, I have seen computers go from only being in the classroom having only Organ Trail and Kidpix to having a computer at the touch of a finger.  I remember when it was cool to have a pager and unheard of to have a cell phone.  Technology is a wonderful thing, but when is it too much? We see campaigns for … Continue reading Technology and the Next Generation

The Aged Eye at Daddy’s Birthday Party

The Aged Eye at Daddy’s Birthday party was treated to some new sights as seeing glimpses of the past. Surely the little boy knew he was going to a big party to celebrate Daddy’s birthday, but walking in the door with his cool swagger of importance, he seemed surprised to see so many faces.  The first offspring of the birthday boy, RC, two and a … Continue reading The Aged Eye at Daddy’s Birthday Party

Cloth Diaper Calculation

When my mother cloth diapered us, it wasn’t the most popular mainstream thing to do.  Actually it was somewhat looked down upon as “hippy” or “Weird”.  In 20 plus years the times have changed.  Since I made the switch to cloth diapers I have met more people who cloth diaper and follow the same eco-friendly ways.  In my endless nights awake, I stumbled up a … Continue reading Cloth Diaper Calculation