Creating custom orders – does it stress you out?

When you take an order, do you worry that it doesn’t look exactly the same as the photo on your website?  Even given the variable that each piece is handmade, I fretted about making my bouquets match the photos as closely as I could. I would be so stressed about recreating an exact replica and worried that brides would look at it and say, “This special button … Continue reading Creating custom orders – does it stress you out?

Pregnancy: 25 Stress-Busting Strategies

Pregnancy can be very tough on a mother’s body, mind, and soul.  Below is a list of 25 strategies for lowering your stress.  Some of these can be used even when you’re not pregnant. Write in a journal Enjoy a prenatal message Go for a relaxing swim Join a support group Follow a healthy diet Cuddle with your pet Set manageable goals Plan a date night … Continue reading Pregnancy: 25 Stress-Busting Strategies

Childhood Stress

A child experiences stress in everyday situations and because he can not verbalize what he is feeling, he may “act-up”. Tantrums, fighting, and withdrawl may all be a child’s cry for relief from stress.  The following lists some everyday stresses children may go throguh as well as some “do-able” solutions which can relieve the children’s tension and frustration. Habutually Being Late: Emotion: Embarrassment, Shyness when … Continue reading Childhood Stress

Moms to Moms on Stress

Aside from daily survival, I think the greatest stressors for children and parents is sibling fighting.  For the younger ones I will change the focus b stopping what I’m doing to cuddle up and read a few books to them.  They calm down and then resume playing.  Older children are given 5 minutes to work out a solution on their own.  If they are unsuccessful, I … Continue reading Moms to Moms on Stress