How to Organize Your Home Office

Being organized is imperative for a well-run organization especially if you ARE the organization!  It’s so easy to fly from one thing to the next, busy as we are creating, marketing, ordering, selling.  I often leave a mess in my wake. However, when all of my buttons are in their bins and my ribbons color coordinated, my work flow is smoother, faster, easier and that … Continue reading How to Organize Your Home Office

My secret: The MOST important thing to do today!

Quick!  What’s the one thing today you want to get done for your business? Having a home-based business can be overwhelming.  We are everything – artist, admin, marketing.  And who hasn’t had the experience of frittering away time on the computer?  Here’s my #1 solution – the best idea, the most useful tip, the one that works each day: I ask myself, every morning, “What do … Continue reading My secret: The MOST important thing to do today!


Today has been a beautiful day.  The temperature is perfect and the air conditioner doesn’t need to run loudly, keeping the world out.  I love to hear the chirping birds, watch the hummingbirds sip from their feeder on the porch. Some days, errands are a part of life.  Having a home-based business means honing in, staying focused.    But isn’t one of the perks of … Continue reading Home-based!