Just a pair of shoes

They’re just a pair of shoes. Bronze sandals with sparkly buckles. They’re comfortable and cute. But that’s not what sets them apart from my other shoes. Whenever I slip into them, I remember that I bought them in a little boutique in Sea Isle, New Jersey 2 years ago when shopping with Angel. We both bought a pair of upscale shoes. She said, “These are … Continue reading Just a pair of shoes

Grieving A Lifelong Friendship.

Angel and Angela. Angel and Angela. Angela. I’m still in denial about my friend Angel’s death, the first stage of grief according to Kubler-Ross.  She recently passed away from cancer, her third bout. We graduated from high school in 1976. And after that, every time I’d run into someone from the our Philadelphia neighborhood, they would always ask, “How’s Angel?” No matter how much time had … Continue reading Grieving A Lifelong Friendship.

The grieving – is it ever over?

Did you think it would be over? After the funeral? The weekend after my mom died, there was my niece’s wedding. And a trip to Cape May to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. And work. And planning the funeral. My energy poured into planning the funeral, the final thing I would do for my mom. Choosing the songs, the readings. What would mom want? And … Continue reading The grieving – is it ever over?

I miss my Mom. The First Christmas without her.

Someone recently asked about the blog I’d been keeping during the end of mom’s life. She was looking for more posts. I started a few after mom passed but never finished. So I’ll start with today and work backwards now. And my posts may be out of order. But sometimes that’s just the way life is. It doesn’t happen neatly and orderly. Rarely does it … Continue reading I miss my Mom. The First Christmas without her.