Ingredients for an Artful Life, Home & Living with a Disability

(With a generous scoop of Wisdom stirred in!)

A guide to life – the Italian-American culture, living with paraplegia, being a caregiver, parenting, and living your best life!

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Living with a Paraplegic
Workshops and Webinars

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My Italian heritage is so important to me – it’s not just a culture it’s a lifestyle!

I have nine grandchildren that I love spending time with! I am known as the Crafty Grandmamama! In addition, I am a published author and caregiver for my husband. Read about his motorcycle accident and how it affected our lives in my book “Better Than Before: One Couple’s Journey After a Tragic Accident,” on Amazon.

Italians are known for their warm homes and ability to make everyone who enters feel welcome. There’s always one more space at the table for drop-ins at my home.  Like my mother before me, I have an open door policy. I love entertaining and creating a space that is elegant yet inviting.

The Italian Grandmama has lots to share about entertaining, living with a paraplegic, love, food and family!

Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, you’ll learn something new!

You’re like family! And we want you to share your life, experiences, tips and tricks too!

Building community, sharing what she loves – family, food, friends and a full life!