Pregnancy: 25 Stress-Busting Strategies

Pregnancy can be very tough on a mother’s body, mind, and soul.  Below is a list of 25 strategies for lowering your stress.  Some of these can be used even when you’re not pregnant.

  1. Write in a journal
  2. Enjoy a prenatal message
  3. Go for a relaxing swim
  4. Join a support group
  5. Follow a healthy diet
  6. Cuddle with your pet
  7. Set manageable goals
  8. Plan a date night out
  9. Take a walk
  10. Hire a home cleaning service
  11. Hydrate often
  12. Laugh with a friend
  13. Meditate or pray
  14. Rock out to upbeat tunes
  15. Catch a funny movie
  16. Read a favorite book
  17. Get some shut-eye
  18. Take a warm, calming shower
  19. Go out with some friends
  20. Enjoy your favorite drink
  21. Talk it out
  22. Enroll in childbirth class
  23. Breathe in fresh air
  24. Follow a healthy diet
  25. Meet with a therapist


Another Tip: Write a list of things that cause you stress.  Separate them into two groups, things you can control and things that you can’t.  Work on the stressors that you have control over and see how you can lower the stress they cause you.  For the things you don’t have control over, you attitude is what makes the difference!

Adapted from Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine April 2012

Do you have any suggestions to relieve stress?

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